{ Igbo for give, offer, provide, providing }

Our mission is to empower motivated students with programming skills to build solutions towards societal problems.


Our applicants are high performing, talented, and chosen from all throughout Nigeria.

Be Mentored

Each student engineer is provided a mentor throughout the learning process.

Build and Learn

Our javascript centric program, teaches the concepts and conventions to build modern web applications.


Upon successful completion of the program, student engineers are enrolled in an paid internship with one of our partners.

Give Back

We believe that for our students to truly solidify everything that they are taught, they must then become mentors and pass on their knowledge to others that want to follow in their footsteps.

Student Stories

{ Interviews with student engineers who have completed the program }

Tosin Amuda

Early introduction to computers will always play a positive role in children's development and learning.

Justice Otuya

On Using Digital Tech to Drive Mental Health Advocacy

Valentino Ugbala

Valentino Ugbala, a software engineer who recently completed his program, turned down a job to embark on his Enye journey, and we’re excited his brave move paid off.

Chioma Onyekpere

Chioma was part of our first cohort in 2018. After completing the program she interned at MB Holdings.

Josh Obinna Osuji

Josh was part of our first cohort in 2018. After completing the program he interned at Food4All.

Eric Okemmadu Ogonna

Eric has been learning programming with Enye since December 2018. He currently mentors new cohorts of students.