Apply to Enye Hackathon 2021

Apply to Enye Hackathon 2021

This year, we are inviting software engineers to leverage no-code tools and scalable APIs to speed up product development processes and optimize business logic. 

It may feel like an irony that a product engineering-focused organization like ours is organizing a hackathon around no-code. However, far from replacing what we engineers do best, no-code allows engineers to accelerate product building. Because you understand what’s going on “under the hood,” you can easily leverage no-code options to push the boundaries of product development processes.

Ultimately, you can build more complex software with far less effort than traditional methods. 

Quabbly, Ingressive for Good, PneumaCare, Startup Plug, and GetWallets are supporting us to give you the opportunity to leverage partners’ no-code tools to build out innovative solutions. 

Here’s what to expect…

Winning team wins $1,000

Runner-up takes $500

But that’s not all…

You also stand to gain networking, training, job, and mentorship opportunities with our partners, benefit from standard selection systems and code review while building out innovative solutions.

Important dates:

Virtual hackathon begins: September 13

Hackathon ends with Demo Day in Lagos: September 18

How to register

Register as a hacker team of three developers. Ideally, each team would be made up of three: a front-end software developer, a backend developer, and a UX developer/designer, but these roles are not strict. Hit “Register Now” below to register your team.

Registrations are now closed


If you have questions or comments, please shoot us an email.