Announcement: Enye is Going on a Break


Announcement: Enye is Going on a Break

After four years of upskilling Nigerian software engineers and helping early-stage founders build out their startups, Enye is pausing our Founders Program and PMaaS operations for 2022.

Pausing core service programs…

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, our efforts have been focused on building professional capacity through our community-focused programs including the Enye software engineering and founders cohorts and our annual hackathons. We operate a small team of talented individuals contributing hours outside their full-time obligations to keep the engine running. Their labor of love has helped impact the lives of many people.

Program Statistics
4282 Applicants
89 Accepted
70 Completed
68 Employed

Our team members are currently making huge life changes, and so the organization is temporarily pausing operations to allow them to focus more time on their professional lives, families and pursue other interests in pivotal moments of their lives. When we return, we will pick up our programs and continue the impactful work in the Nigerian tech ecosystem.

…while creating an automated service offering

Meantime, we will launch Code With Enye, a free self-service code challenges platform that software engineers can sign up for and solve challenges in their programming language of choice. 

We thank our community members, partners, sponsors and the entire Nigerian tech community for letting us be part of the rapidly developing ecosystem in Nigeria. 

We will be back soon.

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