Announcing Enye Cohort 3.0 Students!

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Announcing Enye Cohort 3.0 Students!

A month ago, we announced Enye cohort 3.0 and opened a portal for applications. We made the announcement right after the success of Enye cohort 2.0. Within two weeks, we received almost 900 applications for cohort 3.0, an unprecedented figure. After several rounds of tasking, testing and interviewing, we are excited to finally announce our 18 successful students. 

Cohort 2.0 was such a resounding success that our students were able to build products with social relevance, and connected to expert knowledge and international opportunities. Six students from Enye cohort 3.0 completed their training and are now undergoing internships with brands like Tribl, Food4All, and JoyUp.

Enye cohort 3.0 picks up right where cohort 2.0 left off, continuing our tradition of empowering motivated Nigerian tech students with programming skills to build solutions towards societal problems. 

And now we announce the successful students, 18 amazing young individuals on their journey to build remarkable tech careers, scale their tech skills, and create solutions for socially relevant products, businesses, and society. Here they are: 

  1. Chioma Onyekpere
  2. Segun Adebanjo
  3. Okafor Jude
  4. Onyinye Ezike
  5. Ayokunle Adesanya
  6. Mitchell Patrick
  7. Nkechi Rosemary Ogbonna
  8. Omojola Faith Adekunle
  9. Gideon Nnalue Emeka
  10. Usman Olarinoye Abdulraheem
  11. Bella Edward Damilola
  12. Eke Enyinnaya Diala
  13. Sapele Moses
  14. Retzam Danladi
  15. Shuaibu Alexander
  16. Chinedu Oguejiofor
  17. Ademola S.

Enye cohort 3.0 students will undergo training that cuts across full-stack development, server-less architecture, Agile Methodologies, distributed teams, testing, idea sharing, and conditioning programs. We will expose our students to our internship opportunities at firms with a bent for solving societal issues with tech. We will also introduce them to an ecosystem that fosters technical growth and encourages an efficient and effective transfer of knowledge. By the end of the cohort, Enye cohort 3.0 students will have been equipped with more knowledge and networking power to successfully jumpstart and navigate their programming journeys.

To ensure we invest in companies that fit in with our vision, we have launched our Founder Program to make sure that we provide the biggest social impact ideas the technical support needed to transition high potential and socially relevant ideas into sustainable startup ventures. By putting our Founders Program to gear, we seek to work closely with startups that serve critical social needs and generate value, while we learn and share as much as we can to further bridge the gap between consumer culture and the tech sector in Nigeria.

As always, we’re super-excited to train and mentor our new cohort. We’re fully invested in what Enye cohort 3.0 students will learn and share throughout the program, as well as what they come up with by the time they graduate. 

If you’d like to learn more about our Founder Program and want to support our team and what we’re building, then feel free to reach out to us via 

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