Chioma Onyekpere

Chioma Onyekpere
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Chioma Onyekpere

Nigeria’s a big place, where did you grow up? What do you think of life in your country?

I am from the south eastern part of Nigeria which is one of the six geopolitical zones in Nigeria and I also grew up there. Life in Nigeria especially where I come from is not a bad fit, especially if you come from a middle class or high class family. It is much more interesting if you live in the urban areas cause you get to have a wider range of social interaction. Basically, the only thing I never seem to get used to is the fact that power supply is a big issue till date.

Where did you receive your formal education and what did you study? Why did you choose to study that field in particular?

I had my secondary schooling in a public all girls secondary school, in Owerri where I live. I got my bachelor’s degree from the University of Nigeria, a federal government school which is one of best tertiary institutions in my country. I studied metallurgical and materials engineering. I did my final project in bio-materials, for my love in technology & medicine and materials engineering came off as the right bridge I needed.

How were you afforded the opportunity to receive your education?

My parents sponsored my education until tertiary. At some point during my third year in the university, my dad retired from his lecturing job and some of my siblings who had good financial standing contributed to the rest of the funding.

What kind of things are important to you? Family? Religion? Health? Community? Success? Why?

I would say all of them, but most importantly family, success and health. Health because one needs at least a certain level of mental and physical stability to give a useful output.  Success is a proof of perseverance even in the midst of failure. Success to me is one of the happiest things cause, it comes in form of an evident reward, it is the reason for the difference between today and yesterday. Finally, family to me, is one place where there is unconditional commitment, love and desire to look out for one another and it is one place I think of in my highest and in my lowest.

What are some of the biggest takeaways from your time as an Enye student?

When I learnt about Enye, I saw it as an opportunity to move further and solidify on a particular soft skill that will be useful not just to me but to people around me. I have learnt better the art of resilience, self teaching and collaboration. The result of failure can only remain failure when you stop trying or it can be a step further towards success as you pull through. I love the fact that I am afforded the opportunity to be a contributor to technology from anywhere I am, a step at a time.

When you applied for Enye, you wrote in your application essay about an idea you have to build an ecommerce platform for independent fashion designers, how are you feeling about persuing that idea with your new skills?

Yes, it is still very much in my plan. I am actually currently saving up for my personal startup. For starters, I intend to build a base of trust personally with my platform and as I progress and fully get into the industry with my team, it would be easier to scrutinize and introduce the best to our platform.

Where do you see yourself going next in life?

I see myself advancing as a proficient full stack developer and graphics designer, mentoring upcoming tech enthusiasts while managing my fashion team.

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Chioma Onyekpere

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