Founder Institute and Enye are teaming up to support early-stage founders

Founder Institute

Founder Institute and Enye are teaming up to support early-stage founders

Founder Institute and Enye are collaborating to support software engineers and entrepreneurs in the tech ecosystem. Through this collaboration, Enye Inc. will create a Frontiers Technology Fellowship for each cohort of both the Enye Founders’ Program and Founder Institute in Lagos, Nigeria.  

20+ startups join Founder Institute in Lagos each year. This partnership will provide training to entrepreneurs from the idea stage to early-stage companies, and equip founders with problem-solving skills to develop society. 

In announcing the partnership, the Regional Director of Founder Institute, Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata Jnr., said, “[Founder Institute] is proud of the value that Enye has added so far. This collaboration increases the value that both organizations can offer the ecosystem because the connection between a world-class curriculum and quality technical resources will result in the creation of great companies in a very short turnaround time.” 

The Founder Institute is the world’s premier idea-stage accelerator and startup launch program. For aspiring and idea-stage entrepreneurs up to the challenge, Founder Institute’s comprehensive step-by-step program provides the structure, mentor support, and global network of entrepreneurs needed to start an enduring company. Founder Institute graduate companies include fast-rising startups across six continents including Udemy, Realty Mogul, Travelcar, GoPlaceIt, Appota, et cetera.

Enye trains software engineers in a fully remote six-month intensive training and mentoring program, during which they develop core IT skills in software development, enterprise architecture, and project management. 

At Enye. we encourage a distributed-first approach and fully train software engineers in Agile Methodology. Engineers work on innovation-oriented projects, take internships with international organizations, and work with mentors to develop hands-on experience, build professional networks, and develop innovative, technical solutions to world problems. 

In collaborating, Founder Institute and Enye will match Nigerian-based startups to properly trained software engineers. The Founder Institute is the only program of its kind that focuses on people, versus ideas, accepts founders, with day jobs and shares equity with all participants.

We recognize the need to equip junior developers with the right training and guidance. Currently, Enye has students training to be data scientists, software engineers, dev-ops, and product managers, and currently has an 86% success rate, in placing Enye-trained engineers, with organizations.

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