Mentortribes – Code with Enye Pilot

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Mentortribes – Code with Enye Pilot

Our first Code with Enye partnership is with Mentortribes. Mentortribes is an organization that offers courses and mentorship to upskill aspirants looking to start or grow their careers in the burgeoning tech market.

It is led by Eric Okemmadu. Eric was part of Enye’s first cohort in 2017 and had this to say.

My career journey has never been smooth but I will say that there has been an exponential growth so far.

Being part of the first people trained by Enye, I developed more passion for entrepreneurship through technology skills I had gained. I engineered my team to build a simple product called Agroeazy. We registered it as a company, started the marketing but couldn’t pull through because the leadership and financial strength were not there. Currently, I am the CTO of Vittas International where I have developed managerial skills and it has fostered more passion for entrepreneurship which led me to start a side hustle, Mentortribes- in which I aim at connecting passionate people seeking mentorship in technology. After few weeks of starting Mentortribes, it gained much traffic and we decided to register it as a company. Currently, we have about 10 employees and have trained about 150+ students of which 70% percent have been employed.

– Eric Okemmadu, CTO – Vittas International, Founder – Mentortribes, Graduate – Enye Cohort 1

In this article I interview Justice Iheanacho, a software engineer at Mentortribes about Mentortribes and his thoughts on the Code with Enye pilot.

Justice, you are Mentortribes primary software engineer. Can you tell me your experience working with engineers in West Africa and the value they can bring worldwide?

Yes Mike, I have had something to learn from every engineer I’ve worked with so far – technically and otherwise, I’d say the people I’ve met have shaped and refined me into who I am today. Every individual engineer has methods and preferences but one thing I’ve found across almost all engineers I’ve worked with is a strong drive to make a positive impact, I wouldn’t say it’s a West African thing though but it’s worthy of note. The guys I’ve worked with over the years will make the cut in any organization in Silicon Valley 😉

Wow, that’s awesome Justice — I’m happy for you! I can recognize a lot of parallels here as well. I would say working with engineers in Enye has made me better technically and a stronger leader. You’re absolutely right, whether it’s Yoruba Valley or Silicon Valley these engineers are bringing value to the market! Currently, Mentortribes has its existing platform but what are your thoughts on Enye and it’s impact for training engineers?

Haha, yes these engineers are sure bringing value. I am not a product of Enye myself but I have a few friends who have benefited from the program. Their progress has been exponential, I’ve known Eric for close to 10 years now and his growth has been an inspiration to me. He’s one of the people who inspired me to take programming serious again. At Mentortribes we aim to have such reputable track-record.

Eric has a lot of mentorship experience so it’s no surprise that inspiration is part of that. With the goal of a reputable track record, how do you see the software we demoed being part of your solution in the market? 

The software is coming at a time we need it most, it will allow us track how well our mentees respond to programmatic challenges as well as help us have a clearer picture of how well our mentors are doing. The fact that we can formulate our own challenges on the software is a big plus as well.

Excellent, I am glad we are at the right place at the right time for Mentortribes.
What would be a feature that would have a big impact that wasn’t yet part of the demo? 

I really cannot think of any feature missing. It is just the right fit for us at this time.

Awesome! Any closing thoughts you would like to voice?

Nothing much, I’d like to thank the team at Enye for building this tool, and especially for giving us the chance to be early adopters.

Justice Iheanacho

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