How Neonatar TV is using Bi-display tactics to boost Digital-out-of-Home Advertising

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How Neonatar TV is using Bi-display tactics to boost Digital-out-of-Home Advertising

In 2020, more brands are choosing digital out-of-home advertising (DOOH). And for good reason: DOOH offers businesses considerable brand recognition and exceptional reach. Digital out-of-home ads twice as likely to be seen, can have higher cost-per-thousand compared to online advertising, and can be up to 2.5 times more impactful than other kinds of out-of-home ads.

But so much advertising power is drawn back by just as many problems.

High bounce rate, low engagement, low conversions, consumer apathy, huge scaling capital, analog distribution, and high cost all weigh DOOH down.

Joshua Igba has developed a solution: The Neonatar TV Broadcasting Service.

Neonatar TV is a video manager application where creators and advertisers can promote their videos on smart TVs installed at designated locations. The service will give creators and advertisers more reach and conversions.

Igba has always been interested in outdoor digital advertising. For a long time, he wished outdoor ads could get higher engagement. A big fan of Ben Murray Bruce, he once dreamed of owning a TV network. The Neonatar TV model is a dream-come-true. While not mainstream TV, it brings a new dynamic to out-of-home advertising; plus, it is scalable.

Photo by Adib Arindra on Unsplash

Traditionally, digital TVs are installed at secure indoor locations run on content-only or ads-only bases. After extensive research Joshua Igba came up with the Neonatar TV vision, which is summed up in what he describes as The Joshua Igba Law of Bi-Display. He postulates that “foot traffic will become waiting traffic if content and ads are streamed side-by-side.” Also, indoor and outdoor audiences will engage TV ads more if the ads are streamed side-by-side with TV content.

Igba’s TV solution incorporates TV attraction, ads engagement, and a streaming box for internet connectivity (that supports up to 508 devices) to solve the challenges associated with DOOH in Nigeria.

The Neonatar TV broadcasting set-up comprises Twin TVs mounted side-by-side for displaying content and ads concurrently. Display 1 (TV 1) shows content, while display 2 (TV 2) shows ads. Creators can promote their content and target one location, multiple locations, or all locations depending on their budgets. The same broadcast options are open to advertisers on display 2 (TV 2).

This strategy especially works for secure indoor settings like restaurants, football viewing centers, malls, et cetera. The working idea is that the ads will have higher engagement when content attracts the audience to look in the direction of the ads.

The payment plans are flexible: geo-targeting makes it affordable for businesses of every size. Creators and advertisers will be able to broadcast to one or more locations from as low as N100 a day.

Joshua Igba
The Neonatar TV team at ENYE 2020 meetup

While presenting his product at the 2020 Enye meetup in March, Joshua Igba expressed gratitude for Enye’s role in turbocharging his Neonatar TV dream. He noted that his first contact with Enye was through an Instagram sponsored post.

Before Enye, he had tried many opportunities that didn’t end well. “I just applied feeling like the worst I could get was a rejection. But surprisingly, I was called in for an interview. And another interview, and another. And then I somehow popped in. It’s honestly one of those moments you shoot your shot and get accepted.”

So far, he’s had nothing to regret. Prior to his contact with Enye, he’d had the resources to market the product but was lacking in the technical department. 

“I took the Enye deal because it was very expensive to hire engineers that would build my product. If I were to raise funding, it would have been primarily for product development and product marketing. Enye’s offer to build and manage my product for equity exchange was a great relief.”

On Joining the Enye Founders’ Program, he has gained a skilled product engineering team, mentorship and training in partnership with Burrowes Enterprise, and free consulting courtesy of an expert advisory board.

Find out more about the Enye Founders’ Program here, and stay in touch with us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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