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Team HelpMe’s Enye Project

Reducing depression through connection, Team HelpMe’s Enye Project

Invisible threads are the strongest ties. – Friedrich Nietzsche

Problem: One third of the population report experiencing depressive symptoms.

The National Depression Report, conducted by Joy, Inc., surveyed people about their feelings of happiness and depression across Nigeria’s 36 states. More than 1,000 interviews conducted in all five major Nigerian languages found that 31.6 percent of the population reported symptoms of depression and 27.8 percent reported symptoms of anxiety.

Solution: “Helpme” software!

Help me aims to reduce depression, by connecting people together who are suffering. In addition to this connection, Help me offer will offer a marketplace for connecting with therapists on the users own terms.


Front End / Product Owner: Justice Otuya

Backend / Scrum Master: Marshal Udoh

Back End: Lawal Daniels


React, Next.js, Webpack, Jest & Enzyme, Auth0, Node.js/Express.js, MongoDB, Mongoose, Heroku

Enye Statement

It has been an absolute pleasure working with these highly talented and intelligent engineers. We are glad that through our charity program we were able to guide them in creating an MVP education platform. We hope that they see success in bringing their product to market. We look forward to helping them help others through advising them during their future startup SaaS development process.

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