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Team Leer’s Enye Project

Increasing education with gamification, Team Leer’s Enye Project

Education is the vaccine for violence – Edward James Olmos

Problem: A lot of peoples dreams are cut short because they are unable to transition from high school to university.

63% of students failed the 2018 WAEC exam.

75% of students got less than 200 in JAMB scores.

Resulting in 7.5 million (75%) of students being unable to further their formal education.

Solution: “Leer” software which means “Learn” in Afrikaans.

Leer increasing student engagement with Head to Head Quiz functionality, reinforces learning with Practice Questions and Learning Resources.

Through the Leer application students are motivated to learn.


Front End / Product Owner: Valentino Ugbala

Back End / Scrum Master: Tosin Amuda

Full Stack: Jude Okafor


React, Redux, Redux-Sagas, Next.js, Auth0, Node.js,, MongoDB, Heroku

Enye Statement

It has been an absolute pleasure working with these highly talented and intelligent engineers. We are glad that through our charity program we were able to guide them in creating an MVP education platform. We hope that they see success in bringing their product to market. We look forward to helping them help others through advising them during their future startup SaaS development process.

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