Founders Program

Grow your idea with technical talent and advisement in our startup accelerator.
Two month intensive program
Receive a team of software engineers
Advisors and access to Enye ecosystem

Founders program offerings


Engineering Team

Work with a technical team for 3 months.

MVP Application

Minimum Viable Product application ready for market.

UI / UX / Branding Design

Receive design insights for key business impressions.

Client / Server Development Advisement

Receive technical architectural planning for future growth.

Business Coaching

Receive business ideation and development assistance.

Venture Capital Introductions

Receive introductions to potential funding when ready.

Program timeline

1 Week - Refine your business ideas with a business consult.
8 Weeks - Lead a team of engineers to build your idea.
1 Week - Showcase your software at a demo day.

Entrepreneur experiences


Joshua Osunbor - AgricPay

"In the course of building our MVP, I joined Enye cohort and worked with some of their engineers and we build out and MVP, which helped in reducing operational cost by 90%. I'm really grateful to the Enye team amd would encourage other founders to take advantage of this opportunity"

Ronma Adedeji - SpaceBarter

"Enye has been a great experience that's helped me transfer the initial build of my project into a fully functioning MVP. The experience has also thought me about how to properly project manage and work with a team. That has helped us become a well oiled machine and it is evident in the final product we have."

Ashkey Gwalani - Bizco

"I spent 1 year working with unreliable developers that took me no where. Before I decided to quit, I was able to get introduced by a friend to Enye. I immediately applied and luckily got accepted. The whole process was very smooth, and the flow of conversation with Uche was amazing. He got what I needed and put me in touch with the right team of developers. Within the 3 months we had our MVP. If you are non-tech. founder, I highly encourage you to participate as you will save a lot of money and time. And if you are an aspiring developers, I would also encourage you to apply, as the people who you are going to work with will take your skills to the next level!"

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